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We're glad you're here and that you're interested in learning more about distance learning opportunities in North Carolina. The 58 community colleges offer students numerous pathways to achieve academic and career goals.


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Students can select from over 10,000 distance learning courses offered throughout any of the 58 community colleges across North Carolina.


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North Carolina Community Colleges offer fully online degrees, diplomas or certificates programs. All you have to do is discover what is offered.

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North Carolina has 58 community colleges serving all 100 counties, providing a community college near you. Contact a college today.

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Whether you are planning for high school, college, the workforce, or a career change, explore your options to determine a path that will help you reach your academic and career goals.

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High School Students

The Career and College Promise program offers qualified high school students in North Carolina an opportunity to pursue a tuition-free two or four year degree, certificate or diploma.

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From college to career, explore opportunities to help plan your pathway to success. Identify your skills and interests, find the hottest jobs in the market, and launch your career.

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The Virtual Learning Community is a collaborative effort of all North Carolina’s Community Colleges to increase the quality and availability of online learning and support services.

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